About The Bullock Hope House

The Bullock Hope House is Georgia's first privately owned home dedicated to the comfort and healing of those receiving cancer treatment and children going through rehabilitation, and their families. The Bullock Hope House is located in Powder Springs.

Unlike other multi-patient facilities that are found throughout the state, none offer the privacy and intimate home-like setting like that of the Bullock Hope House.

The Bullock Hope House is distinctively unique because instead of housing several patients, the Bullock Hope House accommodates only one patient and the patient's family, alleviating the patient being separated from family during the recovery period and the need for the family to find alternative (hotel) accommodations.

The Bullock Hope House offers 2 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room and laundry facilities. Guests at the Bullock Hope House will be furnished with all the necessities, such as bed linens, towels, cooking utensils etc. courtesy of the Bullock Hope House sponsors. Each room has been carefully decorated and furnished to encouraged relaxation and recuperation in a homey atmosphere.


The History of the Bullock Hope House

The Bullock Hope House concept was created in the spring of 2005 after friends of the Bullock family had their daughter at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, for chemotherapy treatments. The family lived in Cedartown, Georgia and the parents were commuting on a daily basis to be with their daughter while she went through her treatment sessions.

During that time, Connie and Randall Bullock, founders of the Bullock Hope House, had acquired the family homestead, and were deciding what they could do with the home. They offered the home as a free place for their friends from Cedartown to stay while their daughter was undergoing cancer treatments. Although they declined the offer, Connie and Randall knew what was meant to do with the house. “We felt that we could help others by opening our home to cancer patients, to save them travel time, money, and provide them with a free location closer to their treatment facility,” said Bullock.

The Bullocks contacted the American Cancer Society to find out if there were any similar projects offering a private home for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in the metro Atlanta area. Although there are several other group facilities in the state, there are no other private facilities like the Bullock Hope House in Georgia. A relationship between the Bullock Hope House and the American Cancer Society was formed.

Patients are scheduled by medical professionals based on individual needs, and to alleviate some of the financial worries associated with commuting and lodging while undergoing cancer treatments.


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